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Pop-up Fresh Food Stands

To create additional access, we plan to bring fresh local food to impoverished neighborhoods by using mobile carts and setting up temporary stands, at locations like bus stops and churches that are convenient to neighborhood residents. By offering fresh food to take home, we’ll have opportunities to engage with neighbors, build positive relationships, provide outreach, promote our classes and meal kit program, and learn more about the area’s food-access needs.

In 2017 we plan to operate 5-10 pop-up food stands over the summer as part of our impact project. As we increase our understanding of access barriers, as well as neighborhood strengths and resources, we can identify the most effective directions for continued program development.

Our ongoing intention with our pop-up fresh food stands will be to empower residents in impoverished neighborhoods to gain more access to fresh, nutritious food.

Examples of additional food-security programs that fit in line with our vision:

  • Cooking classes that integrate more local, fresh seasonal food into diets
  • Snack subsidies for after-school programs that focus on local, seasonal food
  • Partnering with local health institutions to help shift health outcomes
  • Partnering with local food banks to decrease preservative filled foods
  • Partnering with local non-profits to incorporate more local food into their programs


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