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Next Step Ministries Cooking & Wellness Program



Middle of the Root partners with Next Step Ministries, Inc. to provide our Cooking & Wellness Program to the women and children staying at this transitional safehouse. Classes are taught once a week by amazingly talented women from our community who engage, educate and empower the guests at Next Step Ministries on various topics and skills.
Class Curriculum:
    Cooking Locally & Seasonally
    How to Prepare Fruits: Understanding Nutrition & Hidden Sugars
    Cooking with Grains & the Importance of Fiber
    How to Prepare Vegetables
    How to Prepare Meats
    Meal Prepping & Cooking on a Budget

      Mieka Stoneking

      In June of 2002, Mieka says she made one of the best decisions of her life when she moved to the beautiful state of North Carolina from Oklahoma. She works as a Software Project and Quality Assurance Manager and wife and proud mother of two teen boys. She is a home cook and nerdy food enthusiast that spends way too much time on Pinterest and watching cooking shows. Mieka is looking forward to sharing all the foodie stuff she’s learned in her day-to-day life with people in our community.

      Angelica Dantzler

      Angelica’s inspirations for cooking were her grandmother and dad where we would spend hours in the kitchen making everything from baked goods to southern favorites. Once she realized cooking was her passion she began to pursue the necessary education and training to be credible in her profession. She is a graduate of Johnson and Wales University with an associate in culinary arts and bachelors in food service management.

      We are expanding our classes to include more of the community! 
      In an ongoing effort to increase local food awareness and access, Middle of the Root works with local organizations to help develop curriculum, coordinate classes, and even stock your shelves with local products. We are looking for additional ways to keep communities engaged in possibilities for healthier eating and better local food access.
      We’ve built an extended network of nutrition- and health-focused professionals to work with us in this outreach. Other partners will include churches, YMCA’s, and local businesses with kitchens where food can be prepared and shared during class. We also have a well-rounded group of board members with experience in areas such as integrative health coaching, nutrition, and community outreach. Additional partners may include local farmers, chefs, restaurants, and other community organizations to help develop content and contribute food for hands-on learning.
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