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10 Week Meal Kit Program

Our 10-Week Meal Kit with Meaning Program gives you fresh, local ingredients + recipe to make seasonal meals to fit your family's size & lifestyle with the convenience of delivery at your door, every Wednesday for 10-weeks!

We offer vegetarian, a savory meat and gluten-free meal options.
We offer either two 2-serving meals or one 4-serving or 6-serving meals.
We offer this program both in the Spring & Fall!

We hope to get local goodness to all areas of North Carolina but currently our Meal Kit with Meanings are delivered within Forsyth County, North Carolina. We can deliver to your home, office or other location and you may contact us to arrange for pickup if you are outside of Forsyth County, NC and would still like to receive meal kits. We will also arrange a meeting location outside of Forsyth County if we have 5 or more orders.

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