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Week 3 Recipe: Roasted Chimichurri Chicken & Kohlrabi Fritters with Simple Salad & Dressing

Really excited about this weeks recipe... I didn't even know what a Kohlrabi was until Natalie Sevin of Sungold Farms sent me her list of available produce this week. When I saw the name, Kohlrabi...I said, let's see what we can do with this.

I got a couple of bulbs from her that day and started researching the veggie. It's great eaten raw and reminded me of a cross between a milder version of a radish and cauliflower. After researching different ways to prepare Kohlrabi I landed on a fritter... what better way to celebrate the south than with a fritter, right?

I used my food processor to combine 2 kohlrabi bulbs and a fresh onion into what ended up looking like slaw. I made sure to press out any extra juice into a towel so my fritters wouldn't be soggy then added the veggie mixture with a cup of organic whole wheat flour and 2 eggs from Faucette Farms. Now I was ready to plop this mixture into a cast iron skillet and fritter away!

Much to my enjoyment the fritters came out tasting very similar to a hashbrown but with a tad bit more flavor. They paired quite nicely with the zestiness of the Chimichurri Blend from Piemonte Farms, out of Greensboro, NC that we used to slather all over our whole chicken from Nomad Farms in Tobaccoville, NC.

We hope you can explore a new recipe this week, it never hurts to try, you might be surprised!

- Middle of the Root


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